3 Tips that will set your High School Senior's Career Opportunities apart from the Competition.

May 22, 2016


Your high school senior has an unique opportunity to win the career battle before having to fight in today’s job market.  The challenge is identifying a winning strategy that allows them to execute a plan using the energy and time that they already spend online.   Today’s high school seniors have access to more information in their hands than we had with two sets of encyclopedias in our day, and yes I am telling my age.  So they have resources, but how are they going to use it to gain opportunities? Before I go further, answer the following questions.

-How much time does my high school senior spend on the internet?
-How often are they flipping their cell phone screens?
-What types of things do they post?  What messages are they sending when they post, meaning what message does this communicate to the general public? 

Now ask yourself the following questions.  

•    As a parent, what does the amount of time tell me? 
•    How can my son/daughter use this time to help them gain insight on the career they want, an internship opportunity?
•    How can I help them tailor the messages they send to create career opportunities?

Here are the 3 tips:

1.    Talk with them about their passion- Watch what they like to do and ask questions about why they like it.

2.    Discuss how they can leverage social media- Have them create a Linkedin account and upload a professional photo.  Track all of their high school highlights on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.   

3.    Utilize the network around them- Once they know their passion, what teacher or family member around them can provide more insight.  With Skype they can shadow a family member at their job in other states.  If there is no one, Youtube has videos on almost every industry.  

These tips should help, but I guarantee my book is filled with winning strategies.  Also connect with me to gain more insight for child and send me success stories as I am highlighting one high school senior across the country per month.  Imagine what getting the spotlight from an author and professor will do when they interview for their next internship opportunity.  If you need additional info, my GET IN THE DOOR book will make a great holiday present for a high school senior or college student.

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