7 Reasons Why Online Training Needs to be a part of your Business Strategy

April 30, 2017


Why does online training need to be a part of your business strategy? It is revolutionizing how training is done and brings huge ROI benefits. Today’s world lets us know that investing in your employees is essential for growth and retention, yet many companies and government entities are not focusing on talent development. A long-term research project performed by Middlesex University for Work Based Learning found that from a 4,300 workers sample, 74% felt that they were not achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities.

Many companies focusing on talent development are using online training in huge ways that benefit their employees and company growth. Mind you I am not downplaying face-to-face training as IN THE DOOR conducts in-person training options also, but I want to suggest another option. Check out these 7 reasons. 

1.  Flexibility for your team- In today’s business world, employees want the ability to get things done by phone, laptop, or tablet. No matter where your employees are located or what skills and tasks they need to know, you can provide them with the online training that they require quickly. 

2.  Save Money- Training can cost a ton of money whether during conferences, paying for consultants, and new hire on-boarding. For example, flying out an expert to teach your new management team how to conduct difficult conversations, or how to improve processes can get pricey when you think of flight, hotel cost, meals, transportation, printed materials costs, and the cost to tap into their expertise.

3.  Knowledge Retention- There are tons of procedures, tips, steps, and nuances specifically that impact the operation of your company. Areas such as what steps are needed to properly invoice an order to what are the steps in your marketing cycle can be essential. 

If your company is like most businesses, each task is handled by a handful of people in your organization. So, if one employee decides to leave, gets fired, or quits, there will be some disruption to your business. Now the question is who picks up their responsibilities? Any tricks, content, or modules that help your company keep its knowledge base is essential for your team. 

4.  Sustainability- What’s better than being able to adapt and re-use the same courses again and again, that help your team get results. Being able to reinforce training over a long period of time saves time and money. 

5. Ability to readjust training- There are times where a particular training just doesn’t seem to be effective. Online training offers you the power to track virtually every aspect of your online training strategy. Many systems allow you to closely monitor employee progress, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and offer support when the need arises. At the end of the day, you want to ensure training is not only being done, but that it is working. 

6. On-boarding- On-boarding just got more simple by using online tools. Imagine, uploading introductory videos and interactive assignments for your new hires. This saves your HR team a ton of time, which can impact your business model. For instance, you can write your orientation material, incorporate existing content (from Word documents and PDFs to video and presentations), and even have interactive labs with other new hires around the country. 

7.  Product knowledge- Employees do not have to spend hours of their work day listening to a lecture or reading through a manual (By the way, reading a lengthy manual can be tedious to many employees. Just saying.) Your team can be more productive with their time, and managers don’t have to devote an abundance of resources to ensure that their employees have the necessary information.

My company, IN THE DOOR just started a brand new YouTube Channel providing business tips and personal branding strategies. We believe providing video resources and new wave content will help you take your business or personal brand to the next level.  

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